Trick Question's Den

Hi there! I'm a furry/were/Homestuck/brony girl who goes by Trick Question (a.k.a. Trickster / the Mild and Powerless Trixie). It's been more than a decade since I've hosted a proper public webspace, so it will take a while before things here look presentable.

Until I can clean things up a bit, I figure we can't go wrong with a Pinkie Pie theme.

Pony Projects

On hold for week or two: I'm fixing and reformatting the whole page and revamping a couple of the projects. Should be operational before November 10th at latest.

Personal, Other Projects, Etc.

Other? Like, non-pony? (ok, maybe soon...)

I wrote a furry conlang (Primal) many years ago, but the content is currently hosted on another server. I'll mirror it here eventually.

The easiest way to reach me for questions or comments is via email.

-- Trick Question